Our compounded medications help you support your patients in achieving their goals.

Top 5 Benefits Of Compounded Medicines

1. Compounded medicines can be created in alternative dosages and forms.

For patients that have difficulty swallowing pills, the same medication can be created in liquid and sometimes topical forms. If your patient requires a specific dosage or form, we can tailor their medication to meet those needs.

2. Compounded medicines are easier to take.

Children, the elderly and even pets will refuse medications because of the taste. We can create personalized medications with flavors they like.

3. Compounded medicines can provide access to discontinued or hard to find formulations

Drug manufacturers sometimes discontinue certain drugs. This makes it much harder for patients to find the medications they need. Our expert pharmacists can provide these discontinued drugs by recreating them so your patients can access the medications they require.

4. Compounded medicines can be hypoallergenic.

Many medications have ingredients–colorings, fillers and preservatives–that affect patients with sensitivities or allergies. Compounding medications means they can be prepared for those with restrictions such as gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, vegan, or Kosher diets.

5. Compounded medicines provide an important, unique service.

Offering compounded medications is an important service for patients who are not finding success with traditional medicines. With compounded medications you can precisely address their needs, while at the same time adding value to your practice.

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